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December 4, 2013

Apple is testing 2K and 4K displays for 12.9″ iPad Pro/Maxi

A 12-inch iPad has been the focus of many rumors of late, as you may have noticed. Now this doesn’t necessarily make it 100% likely that something like that will ever be released, but we’re pretty sure that Apple is at least testing something this big.

And speaking of testing, the Cupertino company seems not to have made up its mind about the tablet’s resolution, with a new report claiming that both 2K panels as well as 4K panels are currently being considered. Because these monikers are being thrown around for a multitude of different resolutions, it’s impossible to say which Apple will choose. By some definitions, the 2,048×1,536 resolution already employed by Apple in its latest full size iPads could be “2K” itself.

As for “4K”, that’s going to have around 4,000 pixels per each line. If Apple keeps the aspect ratio 4:3 (and it’s never changed it in tablets ever since the first iPad came out, so there’s no reason not to), then its flavor of “4K” will most likely be 4,096×3,072.

The new, big iPad could be launched in April. But it may just get a 2,048×1,536 screen then. An updated version with a 4K display should follow around October of 2014. There’s another possibility too, one that seems less likely however: that the tablet will arrive in April with 4K resolution. Or, obviously, none of the above, since this is just a rumor for now.


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