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December 4, 2013

Tesoro Launches Gandiva H1L Gaming Mouse with Avago 9800 Sensor

Tesoro, which takes PC gaming seriously enough to name its gaming peripherals after mythological weapons, launched its latest. The Gandiva H1L gaming mouse is named after the bow of warrior Prince Arjuna from the Hindu epic of The Mahabharata. 

The right-oriented, palm grip optimized mouse retains the edgy futuristic styling that's characteristic of Tesoro. It features a total of 8 action buttons and 5 mapping sets with 40 programmable macros, and additional buttons for on-the-fly resolution adjustment. The switches are Omron-made. 

The Gandiva H1L features a maximum tracking resolution of 8,200 dpi using an AVAGO 9800 sensor, which can be adjusted in five levels. The sensor is backed by 1,000 Hz ultra-polling. Also featured are shooting speed control, and full LOD (lift-off distance) control. 

Available now, it's priced at 59€ (including VAT).