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July 31, 2012

Microsoft has announced accessories for Windows 8 tablets

To stir public interest in the operating system, Windows 8 is scheduled for release late October, Microsoft announced Wedge Mobile Keyboard Accessories and Wedge Touch Mouse.

Wedge Mobile Keyboard is a keyboard designed specifically for use with Tablet PC. Special makes it a special case, which acts as a switch. Remove cover - keyboard included, dress - off. This feature allows you to save battery power. In the folded case can serve as a support for Windows 8-driven tablet.

In the retail Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard will be offered at a price of $ 80. In the global market accessories go in the coming weeks.

According to Microsoft, Wedge Touch Mouse is the smallest computer mouse, and probably most unusual, due to its triangular design. Proprietary technology allows you to use BlueTrack accessory to any of the surfaces. The mouse has a touch control and navigation in the four directions. Wedge Touch Mouse turns off as soon as it is connected to the mobile device goes into sleep mode. This allows you to save energy.

Sales of Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse will begin shortly. Cost new is $ 70.