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October 16, 2013

Prolimatech Announces Basic Series CPU Coolers

With premium (>$50) CPU air-cooler market getting hammered by low-cost all-in-one liquid cooling solutions, premium CPU cooler manufacturers such as Prolimatech are feeling the heat. The company launched its first line of low-cost CPU air-coolers under the Basic series. The coolers come in five sizes, and feature no-frills designs that make use of aluminium and copper. 

The series includes the Megahalems Basic, which was launched this January, which is now rehashed as the Basic 84. The series starts off with the Basic 45. Measuring 100 mm x 55 mm x 125 mm (LxWxH), it weighs 288 g, and features a simple aluminium fin tower with a pair of 6 mm copper heat pipes. A 92 mm PWM-controlled fan is included, which spins between 1000~2000 RPM.

Next up, is the Basic 48, which is a step up over Basic 45. It has the same exact dimensions and included fan, but weighs a higher 309 g due to a third nickel-plated copper heat-pipe. A notch above the Basic 45 and Basic 48 is the Basic 65. Measuring 130 mm x 50 mm x 148 mm (LxWxH), it features an average-sized aluminium fin tower to which heat is fed by three 6 mm-thick heat-pipes, and ventilated by a 120 mm PWM-controlled spinner that revs between 600 and 1,600 RPM. The Basic 68 is its premium twin, which features four heat-pipes.
Lastly, there's the Basic 81, which as we mentioned earlier, is a re-brand of the Megahalems Basic. It's shaped exactly like Prolimatech's iconic cooler, measuring 130 mm x 75 mm x 158 mm (LxWxH), weighing 748 g. It uses six 6 mm-thick nickel-plated copper heat-pipes to distribute heat between two parallel aluminium fin stacks. The included 120 mm PWM-controlled fan spins between 600 and 1,600 RPM. Prolimatech didn't announce pricing or availability details.