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September 29, 2012

Dock iriver IA 150 all inclusive!

Known manufacturer of portable multimedia devices - iriver - announces the release of a universal docking station for iPhone / iPod IA 150. The device can be used not only as a docking station for Apple-gadget, but also as a full audio player with a CD or flash drive. With its attractive and slim design, iriver IA 150 will look great on the shelf in any apartment, pleasing its owner great sound and lots of useful features.

Dock iriver IA 150 is enclosed in a stylish and minimalistic white hull, sides front of which there are two speakers. All controls and interfaces are grouped in the center pane. Also on it is a compact display, which shows all the basic parameters and the clock. In addition, for the convenience of the user, the device comes with a compact remote control.

iriver IA 150 - this is a truly versatile gadget that lets you play music from a variety of different media. Proprietary dock connector Apple technology will play music from the iPhone and player iPod. USB 2.0 connector will provide comfortable playing audio pocket with flash drives or external HDD. Recording with CD-ROM drive can listen with a built-in optical drive, and Bluetooth-module provides the ability to remotely connect to the iriver IA 150 MP3-players and smartphones. Among other things, with the new dock iriver can listen to FM-radio.

In the dock iriver IA 150 uses 14-watt amplifier and two 9-inch full range speaker. Combined with the five types of equalizer and bass boost technology speaker system provides a truly high-quality sound throughout the range compared to similar models from other manufacturers.

The device will go on sale on the Russian market in early November 2012. MSRP Universal Dock iriver IA 150 is 4990 rubles.

Specifications Universal Dock iriver IA 150

7 W + 7 W
The ability to play iPhone / iPod, USB, CD, FM
Interfaces USB, Audio in, headphone jack, dock connector for iPhone / iPod
Additional FM-module, Bluetooth-module
Standby Power Consumption Less than 1 W
Optional built-in display, remote control / y, shuffle, 5 preset equalizer