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September 20, 2012

Published by the European prices for HTC Windows Phone 8X and 8S

After the official release of HTC Windows Phone 8X and 8S Taiwanese brand fans are eagerly awaiting announcement of prices for WP8-driven smartphones. And for good reason. Today, some European online retailers have added to their sites fresh proposals.

In Britain, a local seller of mobile devices, store Clove, praised HTC Windows Phone 8S at 225 pounds, which is equivalent to 365 U.S. dollars. In turn, the flagship Windows Phone 8X offered to them at a price of £ 400, which is practically equal to 650 U.S. dollars. Certainly, a published price does not lock your phone to any mobile operator. The user selects, whose services it is more convenient to use.

However, in the U.S. on the issue price and the HTC 8X HTC 8S remains open. What is known is that the telecommunications company AT & T will sell the contract 8X model for $ 200. But the operators T-Mobile and Verizon are still determined prices.