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June 15, 2012

AMD introduced a new professional graphics card FirePro W9000 with two GPU

AMD is at the event, Fusion Developer Summit (AFDS) in 2012 introduced its new flagship graphics professional FirePro W9000. The main novelty of this interesting detail is that it uses two GPUs Tahiti, which are also used graphics card series Radeon HD 7900.

Many call this a professional FirePro W9000 variant biceps Radeon HD 7990 "New Zealand", which, incidentally, for some reason delayed.

W9000 has 6 GB of memory GDDR5. Performance fees - 264.8 million pixels / sec. For new product uses a new cooling system for cooling with three 90 mm low-speed (not noisy) fans. Surprising is the fact that the board will power "only" two 8-pin connectors PCIe (possibly the video card uses chips with lower power consumption Tahiti).