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June 26, 2012

The concept of QWERTY-based smartphone Blackberry 10

Last week we told you that the first smartphone based on the RIM Blackberry 10 instead of a physical QWERTY-keyboard gets its virtual counterpart. However, not all users of smartphones from RIM happy decision and hope for the second 10-Blackberry device, see the traditional set of buttons. His vision of the keyboard smartphone tried to convey to us designer John Anastasiadis (John Anastasiadis).

At first glance, the concept can be seen in the model Bold 9900, but the extended display hints at the fact that we are dealing with a touchscreen. Something tells us that in the design of new smartphones will depend on the capabilities that the platform will offer its 10 Blackberry users.

And you, dear readers, liked the concept of the smartphone Blackberry 10 with a physical keyboard?