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October 25, 2012

Apple Now Selling Lightning to VGA / Digital AV Adapters

Apple's online store is now listing availability for the Lightning to VGA Adapter and the Lightning Digital AV Adapter, both retailing for $ 49.00 in the US and € 49,00 in the EU.

According to the description on Apple's online store, the Lightning to VGA Adapter lets you put your media on your new-generation iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that features the Lightning docking standard.

The accessory also puts your slides, movies, photos, and anything else you run on your iDevice on a bigger screen, such as a VGA-equipped TV, monitor, or external projector for mirroring.

The Lightning Digital AV Adapter does pretty much the same thing, plus supports video out for iPad with Retina display, iPad mini, iPhone 5, or iPod touch (5th generation) to HDMI-compatible displays.

Visit Apple's online store here for the VGA Adapter and here for the Digital AV piece.