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October 22, 2012

HP ENVY m4-1015dx Windows 8 Laptop Available for Pre-Order

Officially announced one month ago, the Windows 8-running ENVY m4 14-inch laptop from HP can now be found on pre-order.

The first model we have spotted is the HP Envy m4-1015dx. It's interesting that the m4 belongs to the premium-class Envy series, while sharing the same industrial design with its larger Pavilion sibling.

Both m4 and m6 appear to have similar component options as well, except the screen size of course. The m4-1015dx comes with the Intel Core i7-3632QM CPU with four cores, 8GB of RAM, a spacious 1 Terabyte hard drive, built-in DVD burner, and Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics. This is a powerful laptop in terms of performance, except in the graphics field due to the usual Intel's on-CPU graphics processor. HP has managed to squeeze these components into the 1.1-inch chassis, so the m4 is a good choice for those who want a full-blown standard voltage processor and a thin laptop at the same time. It's certainly thicker than ultrabooks usually measuring around 0.7 inches, but the i7-3632QM with 7,561 PassMark CPU points easily outperforms the top-of-the-line ultrabook classs i7-3667U with a score of 4,093.

If audio is important too you, the m4 is probably the best choice in the 14 "and thin form factor, not only because of included Beats Audio technology, but also a built-in subwoofer besides two standard stereo speakers.

Other nice touches are keyboard backlight and a fingerprint reader.

Overall, the m4-1015dx is a good ultrabook alternative without speed compromise and without a too expensive price. It costs $ 830. The ENVY m4 is listed here.