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November 28, 2012

New 21.5-Inch Iiyama ProLite Monitor Revealed

The Iiyama company has officially introduced the 23.6-inch ProLite T2452MTS liquid crystal display monitor, complete with touch support (capacitive technology).

And by "officially introduced" we mean only that its existence, or impending existence at any rate, is confirmed beyond all doubt.

Sales haven't begun yet, however, and they won't for a few weeks still, although this seems to be a calculated move.

By revealing the monitor but waiting until January 2013 to ship it, Iiyama is providing a time window during which orders can be placed, thus letting it know how many to make. Consequently, it also implies that business customers won't have to wait in line too much.

There is also the matter of the holiday season. While consumer products sell well during this period, businesses aren't keen on making infrastructure upgrades, so it makes sense to wait until after New Year's.

At any rate, the new monitor is called ProLite T2234MC and has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Its screen diagonal is of 21.5 inches.

The response time is of 2ms, while the brightness is of 260 cd/m2 and the static contrast ratio of 1,000:1.

LED backlighting is used as well, as are 2W stereo speakers and three display inputs: HDMI, D-Sub and DVI.

What is more important, however, is the scratch-resistant 7H glass that reinforces the capacitive touchscreen. It might not be Gorilla Glass, but it should do.

Prospective customers of Iiyama will be happy to learn that the ProLite T2234MC boasts a flexible stand and support for VESA wall-mounts.

Finally, the price is of 31,800 Yen, which means $ 387.5 / 298.28 Euro. Nothing specific was said about availability outside Japan, or lack thereof.