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May 16, 2013

7.9” Microsoft Surface RT may come in June, should cost $249-299

To say that Microsoft Surface and its trimmed down Windows RT tablet OS was not a success, is an understatement. Despite all the efforts and money the Redmond company poured into the project, according to most observers, they managed to sell less than a million of new devices.

But Microsoft is nothing if not persistent. And it is getting ready for round two very soon now.

According to Digitimes, for its second round in the tablet market Microsoft is working on a smaller 7.9” Surface RT device. The new tablet should be manufactured by Pegatron, with the display panels supplied by Samsung and NVIDIA Tegra CPU. The smaller Surface should retail for $249-299, and launch during Microsoft Build conference in June.

If Microsoft can hit the lower price point and fix the most glaring problems of the first generation Windows RT, 7.9” Surface tablet might be an interesting device. Then again, competition isn’t standing still, too.

As for the next generation of the original 10.6” Surface RT, we’ll have to wait at least until the third quarter. The going for it is so slow, and Microsoft has so much inventory to clear, they won’t even consider launching it earlier.