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May 30, 2013

Apple Launches New “Budget” iPod touch

Apple has released a new version of its the 5th-generation iPod touch that offers only 16GB of storage, and lacks several other elements that make up the original version.

In what can be regarded as a “budget” version of the device, Apple’s new iPod touch sports 16GB of Flash storage (a downgrade from the minimum 32GB option available previously).

Apple has equipped the device with the same dual-core A5 chip and a 4-inch display, and ships the player with the company’s new EarPods.

However, to achieve the $229 / €229 purchase price, Apple has stripped down the player of some benefits, such as the anodized color options (it only ships in Grey).

It also lacks the rear-facing iSight camera (it only has a front-facing FaceTime camera), and the “iPod touch loop,” a handling accessory which allows to carry the device tied to their wrist.

Apple has made no formal announcement regarding the introduction of this new iPod touch model.

Because it lacks several features (i.e. the camera on the back), the new iPod touch is also a bit lighter than its siblings.

The move could well be regarded as a confirmation that Apple is looking to provide more buying options for the masses, lending more credence to rumors of a cheaper iPhone model launching this year.