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May 23, 2013

HP Releases the First Mobile All-in-One PC

HP has formally introduced an entire collection of PCs. And by PCs, we mean all-in-one systems, notebook PCs and a very unusual invention called the Envy Rose20 mobile AiO.

That's right, HP has officially introduced the world's first portable all-in-one personal computer, capable of switching from upright to tabletop position easily.

HP calls it "the desktop that leaves the desk behind" because of that ability to free the desktop from the desk and let groups use it for entertainment together.

When it is laid flat, it can play JigsWar Puzzle, Fingertapps Musical Instruments, Monopoly, and many other multiplayer games.

Sure, the display isn't the largest in the world, at 20 inches, and its resolution isn't the best (1600 x 900 pixels), but the screen is an IPS panel (wide viewing angles) and if it were any larger, the Envy Rove20 couldn't be called a mobile AiO.

"Customers are looking for mobility and flexibility in their computing devices to give families new ways to bring generations together," said Ron Coughlin, senior vice president and general manager, consumer PCs and consumer solutions, HP.

"HP is evolving to meet our customers' needs by designing next-generation form factors, like the Rove mobile All-in-One PC, which will enable people to connect, share and create in ways they never imagined."

HP's Rove20 is based on a fourth-generation Haswell central processing unit (CPU) from Intel. A surprise to anyone who thought HP would be revealing something based on the new APUs that AMD has just released.

Not that HP didn't use the A-Series APUs of course. It did, but we'll look at the devices based on them separately.

Anyway, the HP Envy Rove20 will be available for order at some point in July, for an unspecified price. Before that date, it may make an appearance at Computex 2013, a trade show that will take place in Taipei, Taiwan between June 4 and 8.