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May 22, 2013

Logitech intros classroom-friendly Wired Keyboard for iPad

We review a lot of wireless Bluetooth keyboards and keyboard cases for iPads and other tablets, but we've yet to review a wired keyboard for the iPad. It comes as little surprise then that Logitech, which makes plenty of Bluetooth keyboards, has unveiled the Wired Keyboard for iPad, which it dubs "the first iPad keyboard made specially for the classroom environment."

The keyboard will come in a Lightning connector or 30-pin connector versions and have an MSRP of $59.99. The Lightning version is due to ship in August; the 30-pin version will ship in October.

Why go wired? Well, it makes the keyboard very easy to connect. Logitech says it's a challenge for teachers to simultaneously pair multiple iPads with multiple wireless Bluetooth keyboards in the classroom. With a wired keyboard, kids can connect without any help.
Logitech says the keyboard is "spill-resistant" and has full-size keys along with iPad shortcut keys for such functions as copy and paste, Siri, app switching, and an integrated Home button. Hopefully, schools will get a nice discount if they buy multiple keyboards.