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May 30, 2013

Pioneer – Wireless, portable DJ system “XDJ-R1″ for family use

Pioneer is releasing a portable wireless DJ system – XDJ-R1 – in late July. It’s for family use, and you can easily enjoy playing music as a DJ by controlling via your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch at home.

Today, the Pioneer Plaza Ginza store started displaying “XDJ-R1″ in advance.

Connect iPad/iPhone/iPod touch with the mobile application “remotebox” installed to “XDJ-R1″ wirelessly, and you will start to be able to control music saved in a USB storage device connected to “XDJ-R1″ or add effects or many other functions.

Because “XDJ-R1″ consists of 2 players and mixers, you can DJ music saved in a USB storage device or CD by using only “XDJ-R1″. You can use MIDI control as well.

A portable bag (DJC-SC3) that makes it very convenient to carry “XDJ-R1″ around will be out in late July.

The price of the DJ system and the bag are not yet set.