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May 27, 2013

Philips debuts 55" DesignLine TV, exclusive to Selfridges

Philips has developed a new DesignLine television that will be available exclusively from the United Kingdom-based Selfridges. The DesignLine is geared towards consumer that want an artistic device in their living room. The new model appears as though it consists of one large glass plate which contains both the television and the stand.

The 55-inch television features Philips' Ambilight technology, which colours the surroundings dependent on the shown image, as can be seen below. The Full HD panel is claimed to have a 1400 Hz refresh rate, and a 450 cd/m² brightness. It is also capable of displaying 3D content. The LED backlighting can be dimmed locally, allowing for a dynamic contrast ratio of 500,000:1, Philips claims. Naturally, interactive TV functionality and various SmartTV apps (including a web browser) are also available.

Philips' 55" DesignLine 3D television has a recommended price of £2799.