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May 1, 2013

Madfinger Games talks upcoming OUYA, GameStick and MOGA

Yesterday brought news of an upcoming (and exclusive) game release for the OUYA console. That game will be Soul Fjord and it will be coming by way of Airtight Games. The key here, that is only one title for one console. Enter the latest from Madfinger Games who has been talking about the OUYA as well as the GameStick and MOGA. As for games, the talk begins (and seems to circle around) Shadowgun.

Beginning first with the OUYA console. Here it looks like Shadowgun will be available for the June 4th retail launch of the console. Additionally, Madfinger Games has said they have not yet ruled out support for other games. While they didn’t touch on every game in their lineup, they did specifically mention Samurai II: Vengeance and Dead Trigger.

Shifting over to the GameStick and we are once again hearing talk of Shadowgun. In the case of the GameStick, Shadowgun will be pre-loaded for those who are getting the system as a Kickstarter backer. The game will also be available by way of the GameStick Marketplace for those who didn’t pick up a Kickstarter unit.

Next up is talk of the MOGA. For this, Madfinger Games has offered support for Shadowgun: DeadZone and Dead Trigger on the original controller and will have support for the recently released MOGA Pro controller with the next update. Furthermore, they are also working on adding support for Shadowgun. Bottom line here, it looks like Madfinger Games is making every effort to be on every Android gaming platform.