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May 15, 2013

Microsoft Launches Surface USB to Ethernet Adapter

Microsoft has just introduced a brand new accessory for the Surface tablet that allows owners to browse the web even when no Wi-Fi network is available.

The so-called “Surface USB to Ethernet adapter” is currently sold for $39.99 (€31) and requires no installation, which means that users basically simply need to plug it into the device and connect the Ethernet cable.

The Surface Pro is currently the only supported device, according to the official listing on Microsoft’s website, but Surface RT users might also be allowed to use it too.

At this point, the lack of support for Ethernet networks has been considered a major setback for the Surface Pro, especially because of the Wi-Fi connectivity issue experienced in the last couple of months. The adapter is currently sold in the United States exclusively, but expect it to arrive in new markets anytime soon.