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May 7, 2013

MSI GX70 Gaming Series Notebook Combines Latest AMD Hardware for Crysis 3

Do you want to play Crysis 3 on a high resolution notebook that offers a smooth gaming experience? Want to experience the awesome graphics performance by AMD's latest Radeon HD 8970M with the super wide angle view that only three screens can offer. Now, it is available with the MSI GX70, officially recommended for Crysis 3.

GX70 gaming laptop offers gamers the best of both worlds--performance and affordability. It packs the latest AMD platform with A10-5750M quad-core architecture and the top-end HD 8970M, supporting DirectX 11.1 for superior video resolution, as well as MSI's Eyefinity triple-screen output. This GX70 also comes with the limited Crysis 3 bundle, including Crysis 3 serial number, so you can download a legal copy. In addition, the GX70 comes in a limited edition of Crysis 3 box.
AMD's new gen A10-5750M quad-core processor: MSI's latest generation laptop, the GX70 comes equipped with AMD's newest A10-5750M quad-core processor. This APU increases overall system performance by 10~15% over the earlier A10-4600M, while optimizing power saving and heat dissipation.

The latest integrated Radeon HD 8650G display chip saves power, while providing superior DirectX 11 high resolution display performance as well as three graphics output interfaces--Mini Display Port, HDMI, and D-Sub--to provide the industry's only Eyefinity triple-display full HD output with synchronized, identical resolution or asynchronized, varied resolution options to greatly broaden field-of-vision. It supports up to three full HD monitors at the highest resolution settings and meets the requirements for multiple screen output with high performance for multiple users. What's more, the latest HDMI 1.4b and Display Port 1.2 broadband interface offers super high 4096 x 2160 resolution, making the GX70 ideal for medical applications and professional graphics designers.

New gen AMD HD 8970M 2GB graphics: MSI's new GX70 laptop packs the latest high-end AMD HD 8970M 3D discrete graphics card with 256-bit frequency and 2 GB GDDR5 display memory design and supports ultra-high quality resolution DirectX 11, racking up top-5000 points on the 3DMark 11 DirectX11 performance test. In addition, it plays load-heavy 3D programs as smooth as silk even when set to ultra or full HD resolution.

In most non-heavy load situations, the GX70 utilizes the integrated HD 8650G to provide low-power use when using multiple screens, but when running heavy-load 3D programs, the system automatically switches to the HD 8970M, giving you more realistic visuals.

Super RAID architecture offers ultra-high speed data storage performance: MSI's newest GX70 notebook computer with AMD platform features Super RAID technology developed by MSI with optional SSD for maximum performance. The RAID 0 high performance accelerated architecture doubles the GX70's storage capacity and throttles up hard disk reading speeds to more than 900 MB/s--some 10 times faster than traditional single core 7200 RPM HDD. This not only greatly reduces boot up speeds, it is also more than enough for read-writing and ripping large quantities of data as well as for the complex high-load graphics, keeping you one step ahead of your opponents.

SteelSeries professional gaming keyboard: Responding to the need of gamers for a keyboard designed just for you, MSI collaborated with SteelSeries to equip MSI's newest generation laptop with a keyboard designed just for them. Not only is it twice as durable as traditional keyboards and the responsiveness of the keys like that of desktop computers, the Windows start key has been relocated to the right side of the keyboard to greatly reduce the likelihood that you're going to hit it accidently in the heat of battle.

Full color backlight LED is also embodied (option) for you to choose from more than 1,000 color combinations and five difference scenario modes to have the coolest laptop in LAN parties.

Professional Killer Gaming Networking: It's not uncommon to lose when playing online games, because of slow network transmission. The GX70 comes with Killer Gaming Networking which greatly reduces latency/ping to ensure smooth online gameplay and eliminates incorrect commands resulting from network lag. The enhanced online performance keeps you a step ahead of your foe, so you can come out ahead.

MSI Audio Boost solution: MSI's Audio Boost sound technology ensures that users can also enjoy superior wrap-around stereo sound when using headphones on their GX70, because it employs the gold-plated Gold Flash audio jack which boasts ultra-low resistance, unparalleled conductivity, enhanced antioxidation, better transmission performance, and reduced noise to give you cleaner, crisper stereo sound reproduction. In addition, the embedded power amplifying chip (AMP) ensures top-quality stereo sound in high-end earphones, so you can hear dialog with comrades-in-arms more clearly and what's happening around you and from which direction. The audio solution is ideal for power users and music lovers alike.

USB3.0: The MSI GX70 also sports the latest USB 3.0 port with transmission speeds of up to 4.8Gbps--10 times faster than USB2.0, so a 4.8GB HD DVD movie is transferred in a mere 8 seconds. Power transmission has also been ratcheted up 80% to 0.9 amperes to greatly enhance data transfer and recharging performance on external hard drives, flash drives, and various handheld devices.