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May 14, 2013

New Sony Xperia S39h model uncovered

We have come across some leaked pictures of a new Sony Xperia handset with model number S39h. Judging by the model number it looks like it will sit just above the 4.3-inch Xperia L (C210X, S36h). The pictures show a phone in white with dedicated camera button and using several design elements from the 2013 range of Sony Xperia phones including the signature power button.

We know that Sony is continuing to use two model naming schemes side-by-side. The first is the new CXXXX naming structure for handsets released in 2013, whilst that used for handsets in China continues to be the old structure with S/M/L denoting small/medium/large handsets. So it seems pretty much a given that this handset is being considered for China, but we don’t know if it will see a release outside the region at this stage.

We have no idea if this handset is a prototype or whether it will see production. However, we’re already seeing a growing number of Xperia handsets for Sony’s 2013 smartphone portfolio. We’ll keep you posted if we do hear more on the Sony S39h.