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May 16, 2013

SilverStone Revives Tundra with TD02 and TD03

SilverStone gave its Tundra line of liquid-cooling products a new lease of life with two new closed-loop CPU coolers, the TD02 and TD03.
For the most part originally manufactured by Asetek, the two feature design and fans by SilverStone. The TD02 features a radiator assembly that measures 278 x 124 x 33.5 mm (LxWxH, excluding fans), and can latch on to four 120 mm fans, a pair of FM121 fans come included. The TD03, on the other hand, uses a radiator assembly close to half the size of its sibling, measuring 124 x 159 x 45 mm. The base+pump assembly is the same for both, measuring 55 x 60 x 33.5 mm, which features a polished copper base. 

The two will reach stores later this week.