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May 17, 2013

Sony A4-sized digital paper notepad is light, durable and responsive

Earlier this week, there was a report about E Ink designing an electronic paper display with a diagonal of 13.3 inches. 

Now, Sony has developed an A4 sized equivalent 13.3" digital paper notepad.

The display is the first in the world to use E Ink Mobius, a new flexible electronic paper display technology developed by E Ink in collaboration with Sony. Technology developed by Sony for forming high precision thin film transistors on plastic instead of glass has been used, making the display flexible and light. It is scheduled for mass production this year.

This prototype digital notepad weighs 358 g and is 6.8mm thick, with the 1200x1600 pixel display itself weighing around 60g, 50% less than if glass was used. The prototype also features a battery life of approximately three weeks.

Users can scrawl things on it, make annotation on books, leave highlights over important or particularly interesting paragraphs, etc. 

Sadly, the software seems to be a bit slow, or at least not as responsive and as thorough as one might like. 

Then again, the A4 sheet-sized electronic item doesn't need to be too elaborate and styled. It is, after all, made for educational pursuits, to be used in schools. Besides, it's only a prototype for now.