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May 14, 2013

Steiger Dynamics raises high expectations with Leet chassis

American system builder Steiger Dynamics has raised high expectations with the introduction of its 'Leet' chassis. The reference to the 'elite' status of the enclosure is the result of the Leet's extreme build quality, among other things. The case has 5 mm thick panels with hand-brushed surfaces. A Samsung touch display can be found on the front, which serves as a secondary, interactive screen.

Despite its relatively compact dimensions of 22 x 43.5 x 39 centimetres, the Leet enclosure is compatible with motherboards up to the E-ATX form factor. It has room for one 5.25-inch drive, four 3.5-inch disks and three SSDs. Because there's only litle room above the CPU socket, Steiger Dynamics recommends watercooling, which can optionally be purchased with the chassis. Two radiators can be installed; one with a 240 mm and the other with a 120 mm heatsink. The specifications state that three dual-slot graphics cards are supported, each with a length of up to 28 cm.

The Leet chassis has an integrated Soundgraph FingerVU 700M touch display, produced by Samsung. This 800 x 480 pixel screen connects to your system through an internal USB 2.0 header and uses a DisplayLink chipset for communication. The 7-inch panel can function as a secondary 'monitor', allowing apps to be displayed on it.

Through Steiger Dynamics' website, the Leet enclosure can be personalized even further, including custom logos, a Seasonic power supply and various watercooling components made by Corsair, Swiftech or Steiger Dynamics themselves. The chassis starts at $798 for both the black and silver edition (excl. shipping). The system builder does provide worldwide shipping.