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May 13, 2013

AMD A4-4000 APU Now on Retail

While preparing for the release of Richland 6000-series APUs, Advanced Micro Devices has been putting together some lower-end chips as well. In this case, the A4-4000 dual-core running at 3 GHz has been formally launched.

The world has known about the May release since March, and it seems this chip, at least, is coming to market without further delays.

Its price is a bit higher than expected though, at $50 / €38 – 50 instead of $40 / €30 – 40.

Anyway, the dual-core chip runs at 3 / 3.2 GHz, has 512 KB total cache. At least that's what the box says.

On the other hand, the “3” in the AD4000OKA23HL part number stands for 1 MB L2 cache per module, which makes it hard to decide which is true.

Add to that the unknown integrated graphics and the presumed TDP of 65W and it's difficult to decide if it isn't too much of a risk to buy the FM2 unit ( has it listed, among other websites).