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May 13, 2013

Olympus Launches PEN Lite E-PL6 Camera

Since Olympus launched the Pen E-P5 just last week, some may be tempted to believe the company would take a sabbatical, but that is not what has happened. Instead, the company has launched another photo and video capture device.

Said device goes by the name of E-PL6 and is part of the PEN Lite series, developed by Olympus' Micro Four Thirds division.

First on the spec sheet is the 16-megapixel image sensor, which seems to be a sort of standard these days, for cameras that don't put more emphasis on compactness than performance at any rate.

Said sensor is assisted by the TruePic VI processing engine.

That is just one of the many assets of the camera, however. Olympus went out of its way to include lots of hardware and software features, some passive and some active.

Faster focusing is one of them, along with interval shooting, a Level guide (allows for picture framing even when there are no horizontal lines in the composition, or when shooting a dark night scene) and Time Lapse movie recording.

There is also a Short Release Time Lag mode and a bunch of Art Filters that can apply various special effects to photos and (presumably) videos after their capture (or during recording, maybe).

Not only that, but photos taken with the interval shooting option can be converted into a time-lapse movie.

Other features include an ISO LOW setting, a touch panel, a 1080p movie mode, and multiple case color options: white, silver, black and red.

Further details can be found in the official press release, except for one key piece of information: the price.

Even the availability date isn't perfectly clear, although Olympus did, at least, specify all optional accessories, like the BCL-1580 Body Cap Lens (White/Silver/Red color variations), CS-39B Body Jacket, and even an Underwater Case (PT-EP10).