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September 26, 2013

Apacer Announces SATA SLC-Lite SSD Solutions

According to market research firm IDC, shipments of tablet PCs have overtaken PCs for the first time in 2013. Mobile devices are deeply favored by consumers, among which smartphones and tablet PCs priced under $350 each account for 68% of shipments of all internet devices. Hence, the next-generation IT products of 2014 featuring lightness, compactness, durability, and merited efficiency will be more popular with low prices. Therefore, how to achieve low-cost production while improving specifications becomes the common concern for departments of product design and purchase.

SSD NAND flash has always been the key character in IT products, while SLC has been reputed for its quality, efficiency and durability. However, considering the cost, only MLC should be acceptable in the industrial computer. The market expects a product with similar quality to SLC but with the price of MLC. To satisfy long-term needs of customer, Apacer officially launches SATA SLC-lite series. The product boasts a transmission speed 1.5 - 3 times faster than MLC, close to that of SLC, and 10 times longer service life than MLC with half price of SLC! With the highest SSD C/P value, SATA SLC-lite is the optimal solution for the upgrade of 2014 NAND flash product.

"SLC-lite features the efficiency and durability on a par with that of SLC in half price, thanks to adopting the cost-efficient MLC chip and Apacer's unique technique to break through hardware limit. By successfully simulating SLC's way of writing with the firmware, it substantially enhances performance to fit the need of industrial customers for large capacity storage solution who also pursue cost-effectiveness and high quality," Jeff Lin, the Embedded Application Business Unit Director of Apacer, suggested. Apacer possesses strong capacity in technological development, and takes efficiency, durability and cost into account. These factors just contribute to the birth of SLC-lite.

Apacer has developed a complete SLC-lite product line. The products, equipped with a capacity up to 64 GB, include mSATA M4 and SAFD 18S4, which meet the standard of JEDEC MO-300 and MO-297. Besides, SATA Disk Module series offer choices of 7pin/22pin SATA connectors and also support 1U server module SSD, orienting to turn 90°, 180°and 270°. Apacer SATA 2 SLC-lite is now available on the market. Jeff Lin indicated that samples of SATA 3 SLC-lite is expected to be available for customers to run test in Q4, to be prepared for the next-generation product with faster speed and lower price in coming 2014