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September 17, 2013

Design Company brinell Introduces Solid State Drive in 7 Materials

It's exceptionally small and a true lightweight. And it's the latest big hit from the Karlsruhe design company. The super slim brinell Drive SSD once again combines the latest storage technology with avant-garde style and unique high-end materials. Alongside this, top technology achieves the fastest data transfer rate yet.

As recently as March, the company received the renowned red dot award for the unique brinell Stick single action. Six months later, the Karlsruhe designer has landed their next coup with a Solid State Drive in brinell chic. "With its unbelievable data transfer rate, our brinell Drive SSD, in extravagant brinell style, is the highest performing external hard drive yet," says Michael Föhrenbach, Director of brinell GmbH.

Its performance is truly breathtaking. With the latest USB 3.0 interface technology, it achieves a read speed of up to 420 MB/s and a write speed of up to 330 MB/s in UAS Turbo Mode. "The reason is that the sensitive mechanical components of traditional hard drives, such as the motor mounting and read-write mechanism have been removed. Instead, it uses modern flash storage components, which enable continuous fast access to stored data," explains Föhrenbach.

With no moving components, the brinell Drive SSD is increasingly a winner in the security stakes too. It is a distinctly robust storage medium, thanks to its significantly increased shock resistance and high temperature tolerance, and as a result it is safer for transporting data as well. What's more, it operates completely silently and at 120 g weighs little more than a bar of chocolate.

The new brinell Drive SSD is available with 120 GB, 250 GB or 500 GB storage capacity in the renowned, award-winning design from the Understatement, Elegant and Engineered series. The high-end materials, such as fine Makassar ebony veneer, genuine Nappa leather, brushed stainless steel or an innovative carbon surface, which are typical of brinell, are enclosed in a light metal frame. "Technical innovations, avant-garde design and exceptionally precious materials are brinell's passion and our impetus for the development of exclusive products," says Föhrenbach. The new brinell Drive SSD is fresh evidence that the company really does live out this passion.