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September 25, 2013

Samsung Curved OLED Smartphone Headed for October Launch

Samsung is readying a new premium smartphone this October, that's disruptive to 5-inch class smartphones, and 6-inch class phablets. Codenamed "Youm", this smartphone could integrate a never before seen curved glass display, and exotic construction. Earlier, it was reported that this could be the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 3 variant with curved display.

"Youm" could feature a 5.5-inch (diagonally) curved OLED display, but since the surface is curved, its size in 2 dimensions could appear compact, closer to today's 5-inch class smartphones. Samsung is manufacturing the curved OLED panel for the device on its own, and even demonstrated its prototypes at this year's International CES. 

There's no word on the hardware, but given that Samsung is looking to score big on the aesthetics front by deploying a cutting-edge display, we predict it will be pretty high-end, perhaps even enough to woo crowds away from the iPhone 5S and HTC One. 

Meanwhile Project Design 3.0, tasked with building Galaxy S5 with exotic magnesium alloy unibody is still on.