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September 20, 2013

Theater Speaker Sets with Vacuum Tube-based Amplifiers

Samsung announced its latest line of soundbars and home-theater speaker systems under the HW-F and HT-F lines, which take advantage of classic vacuum-tube based amplifiers, that product the most natural-sounding audio. The company also rolled out cheaper variants with modern amps.

Among the soundbars Samsung launched are the HW-F850 and HW-F750. The two are identical in design, and feature 350W (RMS) output. The main bar is suited for TVs that are 55-inch or larger. The sub-woofer driver measures in at 8-inch. Both sets feature wireless Bluetooth audio connection to TVs and smartphones, and can pair up using an NFC tap, using AptX CODEC. Where the two differ is with the amplifier. The HW-F850 features a vacuum tube-based amplifier, while the HW-F750 runs a conventional electronic (solid-state) one, based on MOSFETs.

The HT-F9730W 7.1-channel HT audio system, also launched today, belts out a total of 1,330W. It uses a GaNFET-based amplifier (better range), and consists of two front towers, two rear satellites, a front bar, and an 8-inch sub. All units feature carbon nanotubules-based diaphragms. The amp/HT receiver doubles up as a Blu-ray player, with 4K upscaling.

The HW-F850 and HT-F9730W retail for $1299 and $999 respectively.