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September 19, 2013

Steiger Dynamics Debuts LEET Monochrome Limited Edition HTPC Case

Steiger Dynamics, award-winning manufacturer of custom Gaming Home Theater PCs, announced today the debut of the LEET Monochrome Limited Edition Gaming Home Theater PC to their Core and Reference lines.

Black and white interior components, such as radiators, Blue-Ray Drive, pump, fittings, and tubing, provide contrast and establish an incredibly unique aesthetic, which is showcased with an acrylic glass lid and highlighted by interior LED lighting, the color of which will be customer specified. Custom white sleeved power supply and SATA cables continue the interior theme, and provide a very clean and tailored look to the system. This contrasting interior makes the system not only distinctive and exclusive, but exceptionally attractive, providing customers a very unique setup. Additionally, customers who purchase a LEET Gaming Home Theater PC will also receive a complimentary copy of the latest NVIDIA bundle game. The LEET Monochrome Limited Edition is a free upgrade option for all Core and Reference line LEET HTPCs with custom liquid cooling and custom cabling.

The LEET Monochrome Limited Edition Gaming HTPC is packed with power, utilizing 4th generation Intel 4 and 6 Core-i7 processors that are overclocked to up to 5.0 GHz, allowing most powerful computing performance. System graphics are supplied by up to 2x EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITANs with SLI, effortlessly providing the extra speed needed for intense gaming sessions or advanced content creation tasks, as well as being the ideal platform for 4K playback and gaming. Additionally, the Monochrome Limited Edition will employ LEET Custom Liquid Cooling solutions co-developed with Swiftech, delivering maximum cooling efficiency and silence. The Monochrome Limited Edition will be filled with powerful top-of-the-line hardware, including ASUS REPUBLIC OF GAMERS motherboards, up to 64 GB Corsair memory, Kingston or Samsung SSDs in optional RAID modes, 16TB WD Red Hard Drives, and Seasonic PSUs.

"The LEET Monochrome Limited Edition Gaming Home Theater PC endows gamers and creative professionals with peak performance capabilities and visually immersive computing," said Martin Hehensteiger, CEO and co-founder of STEIGER DYNAMICS. "The Monochrome Limited Edition Gaming HTPC gives enthusiasts an insane amount of power in a system that is both aesthetically beautiful, and incredibly dynamic."