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September 6, 2013

Latest WD Red drives compatible with Thecus NAS

So you're planning on building a NAS system. You've already selected your NAS unit (a Thecus, of course), but you're wondering what drives to put inside. SSDs? Nah, too pricey and a little small. So HDDs it is. But which ones do you buy? Are they all made the same? What speed RPM and what buffer size would be best for a NAS environment? If only HDD manufacturers would start building custom drives for network storage!

It just so happens, dear user, that today is your day. Western Digital has officially announced the release of its latest NAS-specific Red HDDs: the RD1000M and the RM500M. Designed specifically for Network Attached Storage systems, these latest members of the Red family feature 4TB of storage in a 3.5" enclosure (RD1000M) and 1TB or 750GB of storage in a 2.5" enclosure (RM500M).

WD has been hard at work this past year improving on their NAS-specific line of HDDs. With their improved NASware 2.0 and 3D Active Balance Plus, for example, you can expect drives specifically designed to operate with improved reliability and performance in always-on NAS environments. By increasing the storage cap from 3 to 4TB, WD's new line of Red HDDs also ensures that there are always enough bytes in your NAS system. Through the use of IntelliPower, a 64MB buffer, and a 6.0Gb/s interface, you can also rest assured that your data will remain ever-sprightly despite its growing size.

Although all these advances in design and operation make your data safer, things do still sometimes go wrong. Thankfully, WD is renowned for sticking by their products, with each Red HDD carrying a 3 year limited warranty and 24/7 support.

So there you have it - the latest drives made just for NAS. A great choice for your storage needs, and, as always, supported by Thecus from day one.