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March 27, 2013

HTC One Delayed in the UK for One More Week, Now Due Early April

Even though the Taiwanese handset maker confirmed the launch of its flagship smartphone, the HTC One will be postponed for late March it appears that the company is not able to deliver as promised.

We reported earlier this month some UK- based retailers, including Clove, will receive the first stock of HTC One units on March 26.

Unfortunately, customers who already placed pre-orders with Clove will be disappointed to hear that HTC will not arrive as previously scheduled.

According to Clove, the SIM-free version of HTC One has been delayed for at least one more week. The retailer claims the silver HTC One is now expected to arrive in stock on April 3, while the black version will not be available until April 10.

There are no explanations offered as to why the phone was postponed once again, but Clove states that this “is very common with new launches of smartphones” and that they “are of course keen to ship your order as soon as we can.”

On the other hand, The Carphone Warehouse claims it will be able to ship the HTC One starting March 28, on either pay monthly or PAYG (pay as you go). 

Still, this does not seem to be the SIM-free version of HTC One, which means the Taiwanese handset maker is trying to fulfill all pre-orders placed at various carriers first.

HTC One will arrive in the United States in late April and will be available from multiple carriers, including Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile USA.

Although the smartphone was delayed in Europe and other regions, HTC stated that the US launch of the phone will not be postponed. 

The reasons behind these delays is the fact that HTC did not manage to secure enough components for its UltraPixel camera, and possibly the time it takes to manufacture a HTC One unit (220 minutes?!).