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March 5, 2013

Nikon unveils Coolpix S3500 budget compact camera

Nikon has just unveiled its new Coolpix S3500, a 20-megapixel budget camera that offers consumers a mix between price and functionality. The device boasts HD video recording, lens-shift Vibration Reduction technology, and a variety of modes for different shooting situations. The camera will be available later this month in red, purple, silver, orange, and decorative pink for $139.95.

The camera is about what you’d expect from a modern point-and-shoot, with relatively basic specs that meet the needs of most everyday casual users. The camera itself was designed with a slim body for easy handling and transport to your favorite events or gatherings. It offers a wide-angle NIKKOR lens with 7x optical zoom. This is more than any of the other compacts in Nikon’s budget Coolpix category.

Images comes out clear despite shakes and movement due to the Lens-Shift Vibration Reduction technology, and can then be edited with the software’s integrated editing functions. Quick Effects and Glamour Retouch are both included, allowing users to retouch images and add some “glamour” effects, such as blush on cheeks and skin softening.