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March 6, 2013

Screenshots confirm Smart scroll and Smart pause for Galaxy S IV

It looks like last week's sensational New York Times report suggesting the Galaxy S 4 could introduce an eye-tracking technology that lets you scroll through large swathes of text without having to constantly touch the screen, wasn't without merit. Screenshots allegedly of the Galaxy S 4, unearthed by SAMMobile reveal options related to the technology.

Smart scroll joins the list of Smart screen features – just like the rest it will use the front-facing camera to track your gaze. It will start scrolling automatically when it detects that you’re looking at the screen.
Smart scroll and Smart pause options

By the looks of it, it won’t track your eyes but your whole head – that is it will scroll vertically while you’re looking at the screen and tilting your heard vertically will adjust the scroll speed. There are options for acceleration and visual feedback.

The second new option, Smart pause, is simpler but very useful – it will pause video playback when you look away from the device. This will do for watching videos what Smart stay did for reading.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is due for official announcement on March 14 and we’ll be there live.