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June 17, 2013

AMD Athlon X4 Socket FM2 CPUs Based on Richland Silicon Go On Sale

AMD unveiled the first batch of Athlon X4 CPUs in the socket FM2 package, based on its latest Richland silicon. These chips stop short of being labeled APUs, for they lack integrated graphics. You need a discrete graphics card. Unlike its previous generation "Trinity" silicon-based Athlon X4 CPUs, AMD unveiled a few parts with high clock speeds, some even with unlocked base-clock multipliers, targeting consumers who want to build socket FM2-based gaming PCs, but don't intend to use the integrated graphics. 

At the top of the stack is the Athlon X4 760K Black Edition (AD760KWOHLBOX). This chip offers 3.80 GHz of clock speed, and 4.10 GHz maximum Turbo Core frequency. Despite its lack of the graphics core, its TDP is rated on par with the A10-6800K, at 100W. In its consumer-friendly PIB (processor-in-box) package, the X4-760K Black Edition is priced around US $135. A variant of this exact chip, which lacks unlocked BClk multiplier, is named just Athlon X4 760K (the "K" here can be misleading), and is priced around $100. AMD has other quad-core and dual-core Athlon parts based on the "Richland" silicon planned for later.

If you put aside its industry-leading integrated graphics, "Richland" features two modules based on the "Piledriver" micro-architecture, with four x86-64 cores, 192 KB of total L1 cache, 4 MB of total L2 cache, a dual-channel DDR3 integrated memory controller with native support for DDR3-2133 MHz, and a PCI-Express gen 2.0 root complex. In its FM2 package, the chip supports FM2 motherboards based on AMD's A55, A75, and A85X FCH chipsets.