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June 13, 2013

Pentax K-50 DSLR unveiled with 120 color combination options

Pentax has unveiled its latest DSLR, the K-50, which is boasted as exceeding its classification as a mid-level shooter via a variety of advanced features. Aimed at consumers, this DSLR also offers quite a few color combinations – 120, to be exact – which allows photographers to personalize their purchase and set it apart from other K-50s. The camera is available now for $699.99 (body only) and $779.95 (with lens).

This is perhaps Pentax’s largest color combination yet, but not the first of its cameras to offer several color options. Back on April 3, for example, the company announced 15 additional color options for its K-30 DSRL camera, which is in the same family as the newly unveiled K-50. Such color options are made possible via Pentax’s Color to Order system.

One of the more notable aspects of the Pentax K-50 is its 81 weather seals, making it water resistant in a variety of situations, such as shooting in the rain. This is joined by a burst shooting mode of 6-frames-per-second, SAFOX IX+ tracking autofocus, and a high ISO of 51,200, with Pentax saying such a high sensitivity in combination with the AF results in clear low-light images.

The viewfinder has a 100-percent field-of-view, as well as shake reduction, a shutter speed of 1/6,000th of a second, and interchangeable focusing screens. And for those of you enjoy the convenience of wireless image transfer, the camera also has integrated Eye-fi support. Also unveiled today was the 16-megapixel K-500 DSLR, which is entry-level and has similar features, including high ISO (51,200), 100-pecent field of view, and shake reduction.

Pentax’s Executive Vice President Jim Malcolm said: “The K-50 introduces features that raise the bar in the mid-level DSLR class. Not only do the hardware and software specs outclass competitors, the Color to Order system is an industry first making it a truly unique offering among a sea of similarity.” There’s no word on price or release date for the K-500.