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June 24, 2013

Brown Galaxy Note 8.0 Now Available in the US

South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung Electronics has been rumored recently to plan the launch of a Brown flavor of the Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet PC, and it seems that the device has already been made available for purchase. 

The vendor has silently sent the tablet to retailers in the United States, and it can already be seen listed on the websites of Best Buy, B&H, and BuyDig, as a recent article on Android Police explains. 

Interestingly enough, the actual color of the slate doesn’t seem to be pure Brown, but a mixture of Black and Brown, and said retailers are listing it this way as well. 

The Brown Galaxy Note 8.0 is available for the same $400 (€305) price tag as the White flavor that was launched a few months ago. Those who will purchase it will also enjoy $25 (€19) Google Play credit when registering it with Samsung.