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June 26, 2013

Sharp announces first THX-certified 4K TV, the $8,000 Aquos Ultra

Sharp has just revealed the Aquos Ultra at CE Week, a 70-inch Ultra HDTV the company says is the only THX-certified 4K model on the market. Calling it the company's "best designed TV ever," Sharp said that it put the model through "four hundred rigorous performance tests" to gain the THX nod, which is meant to assure that programming is reproduced as closely as possible.

On top of the 3,840 x 2,160 pixel count, the model features advanced HD upscaling tech via a dual-core signal processor, pre-calibrated THX Movie viewing modes, a dual subwoofer system with 35 watts of sound output, Sharp's SmartCentral Smart TV platform and a flash-enabled web browser. 

You'll also be able to change channels or send video directly from your smartphone via the Beam app, and watch 3D films at 4K with the set's passive technology. If you're not dissuaded by the $8,000 price tag, it'll be up for grabs in mid-August -- check the PR after the break for more.