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June 14, 2013

GIGABYTE Announces GeForce GTX 770 WindForce 3X OC with 4GB

GIGABYTE announced a variant of its GeForce GTX 770 WindForce 3X graphics card with a factory-overclock, and 4 GB of onboard memory. The card combines a non-reference design PCB designed in-house by GIGABYTE, with its new WindForce 3X cooler, which can handle thermal loads of up to 450W. The card ships with clock speeds of 1137 MHz core, 1189 MHz GPU Boost, and 7010 MHz memory; against NVIDIA-reference speeds of 1046 MHz core, 1085 MHz GPU Boost, and 7010 MHz memory.

The card features 4 GB of GDDR5 memory across a 256-bit wide memory interface, which at its given speed, churns out a respectable 224 GB/s of memory bandwidth. The memory is spread across sixteen 2 Gbit memory chips, eight located on the reverse side of the PCB, without a back-plate. 

The new WindForce 3X cooler uses two aluminum fin stacks to draw heat from the GPU, using six copper heat pipes; which are then ventilated by three 80 mm fans. The cooler works to keep GPU temperatures under 80°C, letting it sustain GPU Boost clocks. GIGABYTE should price the card at $499.99. A lucky few may have bagged it on Newegg for $449