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June 25, 2013

Genius Introduces Speed Wheel 6 MT Gaming Racing Wheel

Genius is pleased to announce the release of the Speed Wheel 6 MT. Compatible with PC and PS3, the Speed Wheel 6 MT with 11" gaming wheel, manual transmission and foot pedals brings a realistic driving experience to simulated racing. Powerful force feedback brings a new dimension to racing games. Feel the traction of the tires on the road, the vibration of the engine, the shifting of gears. The feeling of connection to the car lets gamers experience racing games to their fullest - as well as improves lap times.

All the PS3 buttons are present on the Speed Wheel 6 MT including directional pad, so you will be able to play your games to the fullest. For PC gamers, all buttons on the wheel can be bound in-game to desired functions. The steering wheel and foot pedals of the Speed Wheel 6 MT are slip-resistant for optimal performance in grueling endurance races. The two c-clamps can adjust to fit a wide variety of tables and desks. One c-clamp on each side ensures a sturdy and solid connection that won't rattle or budge. The driving wheel of the Speed Wheel 6 MT features a racy red and black design, while the rear of the racing wheel resembles a tire and shiny rim.

Product Highlights
  • 11" gaming wheel compatible with PC/PS3
  • Dual-motor force feedback
  • D-pad, manual transmission and two wheel mounted gearshift levers
  • Sturdy and slip-resistant foot pedals
  • Two c-clamps fit most tables and desks
  • Unique racing wheel design
  • Now available in the United States
  • MSRP: $89.99

The Speed Wheel 6 MT is currently available in the United States for the suggested retail price of $89.99.