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June 11, 2013

ASUS GeForce GTX 780 DirectCU II Detailed

ASUS unveiled its GeForce GTX 780 DirectCU II OC graphics card, featuring a non-reference PCB, and a new-generation DirectCU II cooler. Its PCB features a strong 10-phase VRM, which is tuned to offer a 30% higher voltage threshold, that much better electrical noise suppression (159 mV vs. 239 mV), and an array of tantalum capacitors that ensure clean power delivery to the GPU. ASUS is offering factory-overclocked GPU speeds of 889 MHz core, 941 MHz GPU Boost, compared to NVIDIA reference speeds of 863 MHz and 900 MHz. 

A star attraction with the GTX 780 DirectCU II, is its new-generation DirectCU II cooler. It uses a CoolTech fan, which made its debut with the GTX 670 DirectCU Mini, and which is a cross between lateral-flow and top-flow fans, ensuring greater sweep. The cooler uses a combination of one CoolTech fan, and a conventional top-flow fan towards its rear. 

This is to ensure the lateral sweep of a CoolTech fan doesn't push hot air back into the case from its rear. The one in the front pushes it out through the rear vent. Beneath these fans is a conventional aluminum fin-stack heatsink, in which a combination of four 8 mm thick, and a central 10 mm-thick copper heat pipes make direct contact with the GPU. 

The card ships with a back-plate, even though there's nothing to cool on the back side. ASUS plans to launch the card soon.