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June 3, 2013

ASUS launches VivoMouse, a wireless optical mouse with a multi-touch trackpad

Dubbed the VivoMouse, ASUS claims this to be the world's first mouse-and-touchpad hybrid, and it's also wireless. One bonus feature here is that you can use it as a handheld remote with thumb control -- presumably the thumb stays on that circular trackpad with ASUS' iconic spin finish. We'll know more once we get our hands on this optical mouse in a moment, so keep an eye out for an update here.

The VivoMouse is actually slimmer than we expected, and when held in air, you can scroll pages by simply stroking along the lower edge of the circular trackpad. Other usual Windows 8 gestures are supported, including pinch-to-zoom, rotate, start menu toggle and sidebar toggle. The LED underneath the device uses blue light for better tracking as well. It's a pretty slick device, but hopefully it's won't be too pricey, either.