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June 7, 2013

Nokia EOS: First Hands On Mini Review

Nokia might as well make the EOS official already, after multiple leaks the WP8 sharpshooter now has a short preview. The preview is light on details, but is still an interesting first look at the 808 PureView successor.

The phone reportedly feels a bit on the heavy side and the reviewer from ViziLeaks couldn’t quite make out the material. It's probably polycarbonate, but possibly metal too (whichever it is, it's certainly high quality). The Nokia EOS uses a design very similar to the Lumia 920.

The arrangement of controls, ports and slots is the same as on the other Lumia phones. On the left are the volume rocker, Power/Lock key and the all-important shutter key. On top is the microSIM card slot and the 3.5mm audio jack, with the microUSB port and loudspeaker grilsl at the bottom.

It's the back that's interesting, really, with the bulging camera module with Carl Zeiss lens, xenon flash and LED light. Unfortunately, the ViziLeaks team was not allowed to check the megapixel count on the camera or get any other specs.

Also on the back are two pogo pins (like the Lumia 925 has) for connecting wireless charging covers, meaning the Nokia EOS probably won't have this built in. Nokia probably didn’t want to add any more weight to an already heavy phone (the 808 PureView tipped the scales at 169g).