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June 10, 2013

Oppo Find 5 Mini in July with 3.7-inch HD screen and Quad Core CPU

If Oppo Find 5 Full HD smartphone is one of the most attractive on the market and recently landed in Europe with prices ranging between € 399 and € 429, the new Oppo Find 5 Mini could be another success for the Chinese manufacturer. In a market where size matters and everyone is trying to create bigger and more complete device, being able to find a great smartphone with small dimensions and great hardware and pleasing design is certainly not easy.

According to reports from Asia and the images that we show, Oppo is working on a version of its Mini range top in various colors.

Although there are no specific indications on the hardware, the presentation should take place in July and the small Find Mini will use a 3.7-inch HD display and a Quad Core processor.

It is not impossible that it can be chosen Mediatek 1.2GHz associated with 1GB of RAM and an LCD IPS. Considering the price of the basic version of the Find 5 (€ 399), a mini version could be sold between 199 € and 249 €, price very very interesting!