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July 9, 2013

Amazon looking to upgrade Kindle Fire tablet line with higher-res screens, new design this year

Amazon is working hard on the next generation of its Kindle Android-based tablets, that’s for sure. And now a new rumor claims to shed some light on the retail giant’s plans in the mobile space.

According to some sources that spoke to BGR, Amazon will launch three new tablets in time for this year’s holiday shopping season. These may come in September, or maybe a bit later, the timeline doesn’t appear to be set in stone just yet.

The Kindle Fire will get an update. The new model will keep the 7″ screen size, but will opt for 1,280×800 resolution instead of the 1,024×600 employed by the current Fire. The new and improved HD resolution is actually what Amazon uses right now in the Kindle Fire HD.

But that too will get an update in terms of screen resolution, bumping it up all the way to 1,920×1,200. That’s a bit over what we call Full HD, and with a 7-inch display (the size will be kept intact here too) you’re bound to see incredibly crisp things.

Finally, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 won’t be forgotten either. Its panel will get an increase in resolution too, from 1,920×1,200 to a whopping 2,560×1,440, making it the tablet with by far the highest ppi so far.

Amazon won’t stop there, though, also changing the design of its new tablets compared to the old models. There will be a more angular design, with corners less rounded, and buttons have been moved around (apparently for the better). The new tablets will also be lighter than their predecessors.

Pricing hasn’t been finalized by Amazon at this point, but the retailer wants to do all it can to keep the current price points intact. That means that the Kindle Fire will start at just $159.