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July 29, 2013

Home Audio System SHAKE-5 Launched by Sony

There are plenty of audio systems up for order, each fancier than the other, and Sony wants to overshadow them all. To be honest, when that system has an audio power of 2400W RMS, I can't really fault the company for expecting to achieve such a lofty goal.

That's right. It wasn't enough that the SHAKE-5 got NFC (one-touch pairing over Bluetooth with smartphones), two USB ports (one for device interconnection and one for recording from other sources) and a 20+ multi-LED lighting system.

The sound system is as loud and clear as a sound system of that scale can get.

The SHAKE-5 also boasts a DJ Effect, which allows users to create their own remixes, for four different types of effects available (Flanger, Isolater, Sound Flash and Phaser).

Sales will start in mid-August, for $999 / €999.