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July 16, 2013

Behold the 24-Inch BenQ Major League Gaming Monitor

While HP is preparing a monitor good for business, BenQ is catering to the needs of gamers, members of Major League Gaming in particular. Long story short, the company has introduced the 24-inch XL2420T Professional Gaming Monitor.

It has a contrast ratio of 12M:1 (dynamic contrast ratio), a refresh rate of 120 Hz (and, thus, 3D support) and a response time of 2ms (GTG).

Furthermore, the display can operate in one of several modes, which can easily be toggled via a switch: Display Mode, Smart Scaling, Instant Mode FPS Mode, RTS Mode, etc.

And since that won't be enough for some people, BenQ has even tossed in a stand with height adjustment, and shaved off 50% from the price to boot.

Thus, orders are made for $279.99 / €214 – 279.99, instead of the normal $549 / €420 – 549.