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July 21, 2013

Purple Samsung Galaxy S4 coming to Sprint. Verizon gets a brown version

Both Sprint and Verizon are getting ready to launch additional color versions of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

According to EVleaks, Sprint will sell the handset in purple. Unfortunately, it’s not clear when it will happen, and there are no images to show the new color.

As you may know, Sprint has already launched a purple edition of Samsung’s older Galaxy S III in April. This is still available to purchase (for $99.99 on contract). Naturally, the purple Galaxy S4 should have the same price as the black and white editions ($199.99 on contract).

Verizon’s new Galaxy S4 will be a brown one – you can see it in the picture below. As in the case of Sprint’s purple S4, there’s no word on when the brown one will make its debut at Verizon.

AT&T is currently the only major US carrier to offer the Galaxy S4 in three color versions: black, white, and red.

T-Mobile might want to release a new color of the S4 as well – but that’s just an assumption.