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July 24, 2013

Trio of New DROID Smartphones Coming to Verizon Wireless

Just as expected, today Verizon and Motorola have officially introduced three new Droid smartphones: Motorola Droid Ultra, Motorola Droid Maxx, and Motorola Droid Mini.

Like the Droid RAZR HD and Droid Razr HD Maxx launched last year, the new Droid Ultra and Droid Maxx will cost $199.99 and $299.99, respectively (on contract). The Droid Mini will obviously be the cheapest month the new handsets: $99.99 on contract.

They’re all available to pre-orders starting today – although they’re not currently visible at Verizon’s website. The Droid Ultra and Droid Maxx will arrive in stores on August 20. If you want the Droid Mini, you’ll have to wait until August 29.

Detailed specs are yet to be unveiled, but we know that the new Droids come with Motorola’s own SoC, called Motorola X8 Mobile Computing System (and yes, this is the company’s first SoC ever). The X8 has a total of eight cores, including a dual-core applications CPU, a contextual computing core, a core for natural language processing, and four GPU cores.

The Droid Ultra features a 5 inch HD OLED display (that’s right, no Full HD), voice-activated Touchless Control, 10MP rear camera, water repellant nanocoating, and Kevlar fiber on the back. It’s 7.18mm thin – slightly thinner than the old Droid RAZR HD, and the thinnest 4G LTE smartphone ever (at least that’s what Motorola and Verizon are saying).

The Droid Maxx is similar to the Ultra, but packs a larger battery (3,500 mAh). This enables it to provide up to 48 hours of usage, while making it a bit thicker (8.5mm).

As for the Droid Mini, its display is a 4.3 inch HD one. We’ll bring more details soon.

Next week, on August 1, Motorola will unveil another new Android smartphone – the Moto X.